Artigos em Revista


Título Primeiro Autor Revista/Journal Ano de Publicação
Heavy truck restrictions and air quality implications in São Paulo, Brazil Pedro José Pérez-Martínez Journal of environmental management 2017
Long-term study of the occurrence and time of passage of sea breeze in São Paulo, 1960-2009 Perez, Gabriel M.P. International Journal of Climatology 2017
Watershed services in the humid tropics: Opportunities from recent advances in ecohydrology Hamel, Perrine Perrine Hamel 2017
Multiscale Atmosphere–Ocean Interactions and the Low-Frequency Variability in the Equatorial Region Ramirez, Enver Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 2017
Determinants of black carbon, particle mass and number concentrations in London transport microenvironments Rivas, Ioar Atmospheric Environment 2017
Ultraviolet solar radiation in the tropical central Andes (12.0°S) Salas, Luis F. Suárez Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences 2017
Optimum air temperature for tropical forest photosynthesis: mechanisms involved and implications for climate warming Tan, Zheng-Hong Environmental Research Letters 2017
Simulation of the Unexpected Photosynthetic Seasonality in Amazonian Evergreen Forests by Using an Improved Diffuse Fraction-Based Light Use Efficiency Model Yan, Hao Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 2017
Destreza de dois modelos climáticos globais em prever a circulação geral da atmosfera (Skill of two global climate models in forecasting the general circulation of the atmosphere) Dias, Cássia Gabriele Revista Brasileira de Geografia Física 2017
Estimativa do fluxo de calor no solo a partir da temperatura do solo em São Paulo, SP Funari, Frederico Luiz Revista do Instituto Geológico 2017