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Título Primeiro Autor Revista/Journal Ano de Publicação
Characterization of Fine Particulate Matter Emitted from the Resuspension of Road and Pavement Dust in the Metropolitan Area of São Paulo, Brazil Ivan Gregório Hetem Atmosphere 2016
Contribution of cold fronts to seasonal rainfall in simulations over the southern La Plata Basin Eduardo Marcos de Jesus Climate Research 2016
New directions: From biofuels to wood stoves: The modern and ancient air quality challenges in the megacity of São Paulo Prashant Kumar Atmospheric Environment 2016
Global, diffuse and direct solar radiation at the surface in the city of Rio de Janeiro: Observational characterization and empirical modeling Edson P. Marques Filho Renewable Energy 2016
Sulphate production by Paracoccus pantotrophus ATCC 35512 from different sulphur substrates: sodium thiosulphate, sulphite and sulphide Daniel Derrossi Meyer Environmental Technology 2016
Anomalous patterns of SST and moisture sources in the South Atlantic Ocean associated with dry events in southeastern Brazil Pampuch, Luana Albertani International Journal of Climatology 2016
Sea-Breeze and Topographic Influences on the Planetary Boundary Layer in the Coastal Upwelling Area of Cabo Frio (Brazil) Flavia Noronha Dutra Ribeiro Boundary-Layer Meteorology 2016
Mesoscale and synoptic environment in three orographically-enhanced rain events on the coast of Santa Catarina (Brazil) Maria Laura Guimarães Rodrigues Weather and Forecasting 2016
Dynamic Modelling of Dengue Epidemics in Function of Available Enthalpy and Rainfall Hugo Abi Karam Open Journal of Epidemiology 2016
The impact of roads and sediment basins on simulated river discharge and sediment flux in an experimental catchment designed to improve ecosystem services Sandra Isay Saad Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions 2016