Artigos em Revista


Título Primeiro Autor Revista/Journal Ano de Publicação
A two decades study on ozone variability and trend over the main urban areas of the São Paulo state, Brazil Schuch, Daniel Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2019
EmissV: A preprocessor for WRF-Chem model Schuch, Daniel Andrade Journal of Atmospheric Science Research 2019
Reduced Wet-Season Length Detected by Satellite Retrievals of Cloudiness over Brazilian Amazonia: A New Methodology Sena, Elisa T. Journal of Climate 2019
Impact of Wave Number Choice in Spectral Nudging Applications During a South Atlantic Convergence Zone Event SILVA, Natália Pillar Frontiers in Earth Science 2019
The analysis of global surface temperature wavelets from 1884 to 2014 Silva, Carlos Batista Theoretical and Applied Climatology 2019
Urban pollution greatly enhances formation of natural aerosols over the Amazon rainforest Shrivastava, Manish Nature Communications 2019
The long road to achieving equity: Job accessibility restrictions and overlapping inequalities in the city of São Paulo Slovic, Anne Dorothée Journal of Transport Geography 2019
Meteorological and surface radiation data observed at the Brazilian Antarctic station on King George Island Soares, Jacyra Data in Brief 2019
Surface radiation balance and weather conditions on a non-glaciated coastal area in the Antarctic region SOARES, JACYRA Polar Science 2019
Surface conductance for evapotranspiration of tropical forests: Calculations, variations, and controls Tan, Zheng-Hong Agriculturaland Forest Meteorology 2019