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Título Primeiro Autor Revista/Journal Ano de Publicaçãoícone de ordenação
A new algorithm to estimate sky condition based on 5 minutes-averaged values of clearness index and relative optical air mass ASSUNÇÃO, H. F. Theoretical and Applied Climatology 2007
Anti-persistence in the global temperature anomaly field. CARVALHO, L. M. V. Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics 2007
Sensitivity of Regional Climatic Simulation over Southeastern South America to SST Specification During Austral Summer CUADRA, S. V. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLIMATOLOGY 2007
Can land use changes alter carbon, nitrogen and major ions transport in subtropical brazilian streams DA SILVA. D. M. L. Scientia Agricola 2007
Evidences linking ENSO and coral growth in the Southwestern-South Atlantic EVANGELISTA, H. Climate Dynamics 2007
Including the sub-grid scale plume rise of vegetation fires in low resolution atmospheric transport models FREITAS, S. R. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. European Geociences Union 2007
The Coupled Aerosol and Tracer Transport model to the Brazilian developments on the Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (CATT-BRAMS) – Part1: Model description and evaluation FREITAS, S.R. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions 2007
Influences of the weather and air pollutants on cardiovascular disease in the metropolitan area of Sao Paulo GONÇALVES, F. L. T. Environmental Research 2007
An airborne regional carbon balance for Central Amazonia LLOYD, J. Biogeosciences 2007
Onset and End of the Rainy Season in South America in Observations and the ECHAM 4.5 Atmospheric General Circulation Model LIEBMANN, B. Journal of Climate 2007