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Título Primeiro Autor Revista/Journal Ano de Publicação
Evolução diurna e anual da radiação direta na incidência GOMES, N. Avances en Energías Renovables y Medio Ambiente 2006
Wet deposition and related atmospheric chemistry in the São Paulo metropolis, Brazil: Parte 3: Trends in precipitation chemistry during 1983 – 2003 FORNARO, A. Atmospheric Environment 2006
Nocturnal cold air drainage and pooling in a tropical forest GOULDEN, M. L. JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES 2006
Effect of cirrus clouds on the diurnal cycle of tropical deep convective clouds HONG, G. Journal of Geophysical Research 2006
El Niño influence over South America during the mid-holocene JORGETTI, T. Advances in Geociences 2006
Modeling a densely urbanized watershed with an artificial neural network, weather radar and telemetric data PEREIRA FILHO, A. J. JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY 2006
Dynamics of resonantly interacting equatorial waves Raupp, C. F. M. TELLUS SERIES A-DYNAMIC METEOROLOGY AND OCEANOGRAPHY 2006
Observational study of the seasonality of the submonthly and intraseasonal signal over the tropics VITORINO, M. I. METEOROLOGY AND ATMOSPHERIC PHYSICS 2006
Validation of the emission inventory in the São Paulo Metropolitan Area of Brazil, based on ambient concentrations ratios of CO, NMOG and NOx and on a photochemical model VIVANCO, M. G. Atmospheric environment 2006
Modulation of the intraseasonal rainfall over tropical Brazil by the Madden-Julian oscillation SOUZA, E. B. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLIMATOLOGY 2006