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Título Primeiro Autor Revista/Journal Ano de Publicação
MJO influence on ENSO effects in precipitation and temperature over South America Marília Harumi Shimizu Theoretical and Applied Climatology 2016
Impact of vehicular emissions on the formation of fine particles in the Sao Paulo Metropolitan Area: a numerical study with the WRF-Chem model Angel Liduvino Vara-Vela Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 2016
Severe Weather Caused by Heat Island and Sea Breeze Effects in the Metropolitan Area of São Paulo, Brazil Felipe Vemado Advances in Meteorology 2016
MEO shadowring method for measuring diffuse solar irradiance: Corrections based on sky cover Alexandre Dal Pai Renewable Energy 2016
One-year of NMHCs hourly observations in São Paulo megacity: meteorological and traffic emissions effects in a large ethanol burning context Pamela A. Dominutti Atmospheric Environment 2016
Prediction of ground-level ozone concentration in São Paulo, Brazil: Deterministic versus statistic models Hoshyaripour, G. Atmospheric Environment 2016
Severe Convection Features in the Amazon Basin: A TRMM-Based 15-Year Evaluation Ana Maria Pereira Nunes Frontiers in Earth Science 2016
Characteristics and Diurnal Cycle of GPM Rainfall Estimates over the Central Amazon Region Rômulo Oliveira Remote Sensing 2016
The effects of ENSO-types and SAM on the large-scale southern blockings Flavio N. M. Oliveira International Journal of Climatology 2016
Influence of intraseasonal variability on precipitation in northern South America during the winter season Cristiano P. de Oliveira, International Journal of Climatology 2016