Artigos em Revista


Título Primeiro Autor Revista/Journal Ano de Publicação
Large-Scale Hydrological Modelling of the Upper Paraná River Basin Abou Rafee, Sameh A. Water 2019
Leafing Patterns and Drivers across Seasonally Dry Tropical Communities Alberton, Bruna Remote Sensing 2019
Analysis of PM2.5 concentrations under pollutant emission control strategies in the metropolitan area of São Paulo, Brazil Albuquerue, Tarciana T. de A. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2019
Characterization of aerosol chemical composition from urban pollution in Brazil and its possible impacts on the aerosol hygroscopicity and size distribution Gerson Paiva Almeida Atmospheric Environment 2019
Survival and ice nucleation activity of Pseudomonas syringae strains exposed to simulated high-altitude atmospheric conditions Scientific Report Gabriel Guarany de Araújo 2019
Air Pollution and Health – A Science-Policy Initiative ANDRADE, MARIA DE FATIMA et al ANNALS OF GLOBAL HEALTH 2019
Waves and Swells in High Wind and Extreme Fetches, Measurements in the Southern Ocean Babanin, Alexander V. Frontiers in Marine Science 2019
The impact of future urban scenarios on a severe weather case in the metropolitan area of São Paulo Bender, Andreia Andreia Bender 2019
Impact of route choice and period of the day on cyclists' exposure to black carbon in London, Rotterdam and São Paulo Brand, Veronika Sassen Journal of Transport Geography 2019
Coherent South American Monsoon Variability During the Last Millennium Revealed Through High‐Resolution Proxy Records Campos, J. L. P. S. Geophysical Research Letters 2019