Capítulos de Livros Publicados


Título Ano de Publicação
Exchange of Carbon Between the Atmosphere and the Tropical Amazon Rainforest. 2012
Synoptic and Mesoscale Processes in the South American Monsoon. 2011
Air pollution impact on Asthma and Bronchitis in Porto, Portugal, during 2005 year, 2011. 2011
Sulfur dioxide and sulfate in particulate matter scavenging processes modeling in different localities of Metropolitan Region of São Paulo with different cloud heights. 2011
Measurements of heavy metals in dry and wet deposition in São Paulo city. 2009
Bloqueios Atmosféricos. 2009
An investigation of variation in vegetation canopy with hemispherical photography and satellite data. 2009
Complexos conectivos de mesoescala na América do Sul. 2009
Teleconnections into South America from the Tropics and Extratropics on Interannual and Intraseasonal Timescales. 2009
Variabilidade intrassazonal 2009
The Amazonian Boundary Layer and Mesoscale Circulations. 2009
Teleconexões e suas influências no Brasil. 2009
Precipitation and temperature trend evaluation in Paraguay using brams model. 2009
Para entender tempo e clima. 2009
Mid-Holocene Climate of Tropical South America: A Model-Data Approach. 2009
Jato de baixos níveis ao longo dos Andes. 2009
Modeling the Regional and Remote Climatic Impact of Deforestation. 2009
Zona de convergência do Atlântico Sul. 2009
Climatology and Hydrography of Santos Estuary 2008
Couplings Between Changes in the Climate System and Biogeochemistry 2007
Cardiovascular and respiratory morbidity related to air pollution and meteorological variables in Oporto, Portugal – preliminary results 2007
Inferência de Aerossóis 2007
Evaluation of hydrogen peroxide in rainwater in downtown São Paulo 2007
Component analysis on respiratory disease variability at São Paulo 2007
On the spatiotemporal variability of temperature field 2007
Caracterização do Clima e sua Evolução na Região Metropolitana de São Paulo 2007
Acid Rain in Downtown São Paulo City, Brazil 2007