Harmonic fluctuations in the relative paleointensity data?

Autor Marcia Ernesto
Autores Ernesto, M., Britto, T. & Caminha-Maciel, G.

The existing relative paleointensity (RPI) database allowed the construction of reliable stacking curves for at least the last 1 Myr. Observed fluctuations in the RPI curves suggest both lithologic/climatic influence or geodynamo processes. Stacked power spectra for RPI data from ten North and South Atlantic cores revealed a spectral peak at ~5.3kyr for data covering the last 100 kyr. This signal exhibits a similar phase for most of the series. The observed spectral peak has no apparent correspondence in the benthic O18 spectra from the same cores, suggesting the RPI signal is free from the climatic influence. Therefore, it may be a real geodynamo feature.

Programa Geofísica
Ano de publicação 2021
Tipo de publicação Artigo publicado em congresso
Nome da revista/jornal Goldschmidt Virtual 2021
Localidade Publicação Internacional
Volume EGU21-13406
DOI https://doi.org/10.5194/egusphere-egu21-13406
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