Título Autor Ano de publicação
Archaeointensity record of weak field recurrence in Japan: new data from Late Yayoi and Kofun ceramic artefacts E. Tema 2023
The influence of lithospheric rheology and surface processes on the preservation of escarpments at rifted margins Joao Pedro Macedo Silva 2023
Review and critical assessment on plate reconstruction models for the South Atlantic Juliana Fernandes Bonifacio 2023
Paleomagnetic study of the 1112 Ma Huanchaca mafic sills (SW Amazonian Craton, Brazil) and the paleogeographic implications for Rodinia supercontinente Franklin Bispo-Santos 2023
A study of volcanic rocks and ferromanganese crusts through marine geophysical methods integration in the north portion of Cruzeiro do Sul Rift in the Rio Grande Rise Paula Possamai Sergipe 2023
Diurnal Cycle of Heating and Water Vapor in the Metropolitan Area of Porto in Portugal 2022
J-PLUS: Searching for very metal-poor star candidates using the SPEEM pipeline Galarza, Carlos Andrés 2022
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South American 2020 Regional Smoke Plume: Intercomparison With Previous Years, Impact on Solar Radiation, and the Role of Pantanal Biomass Burning Season. 2022
Sensitivity kernels in seismic wave propagation: a simplified explanation for the banana-doughnut paradox Caio Ciardelli 2022
Fast Radio Bursts as Crustal Dynamical Events Induced by Magnetic Field Evolution in Young Magnetars Horvath, J. E. 2022
Performance Assessment of Aerosol-Lidar Remote Sensing Skills to Retrieve the Time Evolution of The Urban Boundary Layer Height in The Metropolitan Region of São Paulo City, Brazil. 2022
The miniJPAS Survey: Detection of Double-core Ly{\alpha} Morphology of Two high-redshift (z>3) QSOs Rahna, P. T. 2022
A Multi-Year Study of GOES-13 Droplet Effective Radius Retrievals for Warm Clouds over South America and Southeast Pacific. 2022
Urban climate adaptation: an interdisciplinary research experience empowering architecture and urbanism education. 2022
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Synoptic Climatology of Subtropical Cyclone Impacts on Near-Surface Winds Over the South Atlantic Basin. 2022
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Ellipsoidal equilibrium figure and Cassini states of rotating planets and satellites deformed by a tidal potential in the spatial case Folonier, Hugo A. 2022
Impact of Measured Spectrum Variation on Solar Photovoltaic Efficiencies Worldwide. 2022
Quantitative Rainfall Estimation With a Mobile X-POL Weather Radar. 2022
Land use and cover changes versus climate shift: who is the main player in river discharge? A case study in the upper Paraná river basin. 2022
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The influence of urbanization on the development of a convective storm-a study for the Belém metropolitan region, Brazil. 2022
Statistical influence of climate on the population density of culex and coquillettidia mosquitoes. 2022
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Synoptic Climatology of Subtropical Cyclone Impacts on Near-Surface Winds Over the South Atlantic Basin. 2022
Projections of Subcontinental Changes in Seasonal Precipitation Over The Two Major River Basins in South America Under an Extreme Climate Scenario. 2022
In-Kitchen Aerosol Exposure in Twelve Cities Across the Globe. 2022
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Comparison of nonhyperbolic travel-time equations of multicomponent seismic data using different optimization algorithms Nelson Ricardo Coelho Flores Zuniga 2022
The VISCACHA survey - V. Rejuvenating three faint SMC clusters Bica, E. 2022
Impacts of Strategic Mobility Restrictions Policies during 2020 COVID-19 Outbreak on Brazil’s Regional Air Quality. 2022
Creep tide theory: equations for differentiated bodies with aligned layers Ferraz-Mello, Sylvio 2022
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FSR 1776: A new globular cluster in the Galactic bulge? Dias, B. 2022
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Nonlinear models for soil moisture sensor calibration in tropical mountainous soils. 2022